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MWA Midwest at Printers Row!

MWA Midwest Chapter will once again have a presence at Chicago’s Printers Row Lit Fest!  We hope you’ll join us for some fun. Keep watching this space for updates!

Saturday, June 9th (10am – 6pm)

Booth Schedule
Authors will sell and sign their books.

10 – 12 pm: Barbara Barnett, Michael Barsa, Winnie Li
12 – 2 pm: Wendy Byrne, David Grogan, Leslie Langtry
2 – 4 pm: Michael A. Black, J. Michael Major
4 – 6 pm: J. Lee Burke, Laura Caldwell, Libby Fischer Hellman


Watch this website and our Facebook page [] at 9am on Saturday morning, or stop by our booth for prompts and contest rules.

How it works: Prompts release at 9am. You write a 500-word (MAX) story using at least one of the given prompts anywhere within that story. Pro tip: we like stories that sound like they were built around the prompts and were written for this mystery writing contest.

Your story needs to be written between 9am and 4pm. Because…

You’ll then meet us at Jones College Prep, 4th Floor, Room 4030 to read your story out loud for judges Jamie Freveletti and Sara Paretsky! Prizes!

Sunday, June 10th (10am – 6pm)

10:30 am • MWA Midwest Panel: “The Many Faces of Mystery”

MWA Midwest Board Member Molly MacRae moderates this discussion with panelists Michelle Falkoff, Alexia Gordon, and David Krugler. Jones College Prep, 4th Floor, Room 4034

Booth Schedule
Authors will sell and sign their books.

10 – 12 pm: J. Lee Burke, Mary Carter, Tracy Clark
12 – 2 pm: Diane Pirone-Gelman, Patricia Skalka, T.G. Wolff
2 – 4 pm: Alexia Gordon, David Krugler, Molly MacRae

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